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Assistant Registrar (BS-17) || Cooperative Societies 2016

1) Who is considered to be the Father of the nation of Singapore?

(A) Lee Kuan Yew 

(B) Goc Choc Tong

(C) Norodom Sihanouk

(D) Tun Abul Razzaq

2) Ahamd Sukarno remained the president of _______ from 1949-1968.

(A) Malaysia 

(B) Indonesia

(C) Burma

(D) Maldives

3) What is the capital of Australia?

(A) Sydney 

(B) Melbourne

(C) Canberra

(D) Perth

4) One of the bloodiest battles of the First World War was fought at Ypres (lepers) where a large number of soldiers from South Asia also died. In which country is this battlefield located?

(A) France 

(B) Belgium

(C) Australia

(D) Germany

5) President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the President of:

(A) Kenya 

(B) Uganda

(C) Zambia

(D) Zimbabwe

6) Dag Hammarskjold remained the secretary General of the United Nations from 1953 till 1961 when he died in plane crash. Which country did he belong to?

(A) Sweden

(B) Norway

(C) Peru 

(D) Denmark

7) After the assassination of the Prime Minister Indra Gandhi, Who became the next PM?

(A) Moraji Disai 

(B) Vishwanath Pratab Singh

(C) Rajiv Gandhi

(D) Sanjay Gandhi

8) Ernesto “Che” Guevara was a famous revolutionary guerrila fighter. To which country did he belong?

(A) Bolivia 

(B) Cuba

(C) Argentina

(D) Brazil

9)  Nelson Mandela received the Noble Peace Prize in 1933 together with another South African Leader. What was his name?

(A) Oliver Tambo

(B) P.W Botha

(C) Frederick de Klerk

(D) Archbishop Desmond Tutu

10) When did the Pakistan leave the Commonwealth for the first time before rejoining in 1989?

(A) 1956 

(B) 1969

(C) 1972

(D) 1974

11) Which is the second largest Planet of our Solar System?

(A) Jupitar 

(B) Saturn 

(C) Uranus

(D) Naptune

12) When did the Organization of Islamic Conference changes its name to Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)?

(A) 28 June 2011

(B) 27 Dec 2010

(C) 1 Jan 2011

(D) 28 June 2012

13) ‘Grameen Bank’ A pioneer in the field of micro finance, was the brainchild of:

(A) Dr. Riaz Rahman  

(B) Fazle Hussain Abid

(C) Dr. Salaman Rahman

(D) Prof. Mohd Younas

14) BRICS Economy group of countries include Brazil, Russia, India, China and _______.

(A) South Africa 

(B) Singapore

(C) South Korea

(D) Sweden

15) The permanent Secretariat of ASEAN is located in:

(A) Singapore 

(B) Kuala Lumpur

(C) Jakarta

(D) Bangkok

16) The first man to set foot on the moon ?

(A) Neil Armstrong 

(B) Buz Aldrin

(C) Yuri Gagarin

(D) Frank Borman

17) The Battle of Waterloo saw the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. In which country the battlefield located?

(A) France 

(B) Belgium

(C) Near London

(D) Netherlands

18) What was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi doing in South Africa while running the passive resistance movement  “Satyagraha”?

  1. He had gone their to visit relatives
  2. He was there to plead a legal case
  3. He was exiled by the British to South Africa
  4. He went there to attend a wedding ceremony

19)  Which famous actor played the role of Dr. Zhivago in the movie by the same name?

(A) Peter OToole 

(B) Marlon Brando

(C) Omar Sharif

(D) Zia Mohiuddin

20) The famous book “Gulliver’s Travels” was written by:

(A) Jonathan Swift 

(B) Charlas Dickens

(C) Thomas Hardy

(D) Lews Caroll

21) Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Yaqub Khan, who died recently, had served the special representative of UN Secretary General for:  

(A) Timor Leste  

(B) Rwanda

(C) Kosovo

(D) Western Sahara

22) Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous painters of the world. He was from?

(A) Portugal 

(B) Spain

(C) Italy

(D) Argentina

23) Constantinople was the old name of:

(A) Baghdad  

(B) Ankara

(C) Damascus

(D) Istanbul

24) “Golden Temple” in India is a sacred place for?

(A) Sikhism

(B) Buddhists

(C) Jainism 

(D) Taoism

25) Which president of the USA was involved in “Watergate Scandal”?

(A) John F kennedy

(B) Bill Clinton

(C) Richard Nixon

(D) Bains Johnson

26) Which mammal lays eggs?

(A) Whales 

(B) Platypus

(C) Penguins

(D) Kiwis

27) Before unification which was the capital of West Germany?

(A) Frankfurt 

(B) Bonn

(C) Berlin

(D) Hamburg

28) “Cope of Good Hope” is located in which country?

(A) Argentina  

(B) Namibia

(C) South Africa 


29) To which island was Napoleon exiled to, in 1815, where he died?

(A) Saint Helena 

(B) Elba

(C) Corsica

(D) Sardinia

30) In which country world’s highest waterfall (Angel Falls) located?

(A) Zambia 

(B) Canada

(C) Venezuela

(D) Auystria

31) PM Nawaz Sharif attended the Climate Change Summit held in Paris in Dec 2015. The conference was known as COP21. What does COP stand for?

  1. Comprehensive Ozone Production
  2. Conference of Parties
  3. Conference of Ozone Polluters
  4. None of these

32) How many countries, so far, are the member of EU?

(A) 28 

(B) 15

(C) 32

(D) 16

33) South African Cricket team is known as “Proteas”. What exactly the Proteas is:

  1. A Native Animal
  2. National Song of South Africa
  3. National Flower of South Africa
  4. Color green in Zulu language

34) Wallis Mathlas was a test cricketer from 1955 to 1962. Which country did he play for?

(A) Australia 

(B) West Indies

(C) India

(D) Pakistan

35) “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. These words are associated with which personality:

(A) Lord Acton 

(B) Winston Churchill

(C) Abraham Licoln

(D) Aristotle

36) The “Statue of Liberty” was gifted to USA by which country:

(A) UK 

(B) Italy

(C) France

(D) Spain

37) Who said ” From each according to his abilities, to each according to hi needs”

(A) Karl Marx 

(B) M.K Gandhi

(C) Adam Smith

(D) Plato

38) Ornithology is the study of:

(A) Bones  

(B) Smells

(C) Birds

(D) Oceans

39) Which disease is caused by Iodine deficiency?

(A) Gout 

(B) Goitre

(C) Ricketts

(D) Scurvy

40) Dialysis is used for the treatment of:

(A) Kidney Failure 

(B) Meningitis

(C) Cholera

(D) Parkinson disease

41) DNA stands for:

(A) Double Nucleic Acid 

(B) Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid

(C)  Deoxyribo-Nitric Acid

(D) Deoxyribo-Nucleic Association

42) Banaspati Ghee is commonly produced by the Hydrogination of:

(A) Com oil 

(B) Soyabean oil

(C) Butter 

(D) Palm oil

43) MRI is commonly used diagnostic tool in hospitals. What does MRI stands for: 

(A) Magnetic Ray Image 

(B) Multi Ray Image

(C) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(D) Magnetic Resonance Investigation

44) Polio is caused by a:

(A) Bacteria 

(B) Virus

(C) Contamination

(D) Vitamin deficiency

45) Sun is a:

(A) Planet 

(B) Galaxy

(C) Comet 

(D) Star

46) Which one of the following is not a mammal?

(A) Shark 

(B) whale

(C) Dolphin

(D) Seal

47) The longest bone in the human body:

(A) Tebia 

(B) Femur

(C) Fibula

(D) Sternum

48) Which of the following is the purest form of gold?

(A) 18 carets 

(B) 20 carets

(C) 22 carets

(D) 24 carets

49) Which one of the following is the largest organ in the human body?

(A) Liver 

(B) Stomach

(C) Heart

(D) Skin

50) Which of the following disease is caused by drinking of contaminated water?

(A) Cholera

(B) Malaria


(C) Tuberculosis

(D) Diabetes

51) Mughal Emperor Hamayun, lost his throne to:

(A) Jalaluddin Akabr 

(B) Sher ShahSuri

(C) Sher Khan

(D) Ameer Noor-ud-din

52) Which Islamic Scholar practically opposed Akbar’s so called Deen-i-illahi?

(A) Khawaja Moin-ud-Din  

(B) Sheikh Ahmad Serhindi

(C) Data Ganj Bakhsh

(D) Hazrat Gaisu Daraz

53) After the 1857 war of Independence the Mughal king of Delhi, Bahadur Shah was deported, by the British, to

(A) Khatmandu  

(B) Rangoon

(C) Andaman Island

(D) London

54) Which British Officer killed the three sons of Bahadur Shah Zafr, during 1857 war?

(A) William Hudson 

(B) Colonel Nicolson

(C) John Lawrence

(D) Lt. wiloughby

55) In which year Urdu hindi controversy started?

(A) 1867 

(B) 1868

(C) 1869

(D) 1870

56) After Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who became the Secretary of AMO college Management?

(A) Hakem Ajmal Khan 

(B) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

(C) Nawab Waqar-ul-Mul

(D) Molana Ali Johar

57) Who founded the Arya Samaj in India?

(A) Raja Ram Mohan 

(B) Dayananda Sarawasti

(C) Ram Gopal Acharya

(D) Ambedkar

58) Indian National Congress was founded on the initiative of:

(A) M k mGandhi 

(B) A. O. Hume

(C) Lord Curzon 

(D) Ram Gopal Acharya

59) Who was the first president of All Inida Muslim League:

(A) Nawab Saed-uz-Zaman 

(B) Nawab Salemullah

(C) Sir Agha Khan

(D) Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

60) Syed Ahmad Shaheed along with Shah Ismail were martyred in a battle with Sikhs at:

(A) Panipat 

(B) Guranawala

(C) Peshawar 

(D) Balakot

61) Who made the official announcement of annulment of Bangal in 1911?

(A) Sir John Jenkins 

(B) Lord Hastings

(C) King George |||

(D) King George V

62) In which pact leaders of congress and Muslim league Agree on Constitutional Reforms in India including seperate Electorate for Muslims?

(A) Bombay Pact 

(B) Lahore pact

(C) Lucknow Pact

(D) Delhi Pact

63) In 1927 British Parliament appointed a Commission to report on the working of Dyarchy in Indian provinces. Who was the head of this commission?

(A) Sir John Simon 

(B) Sir Stafford Crisps

(C) Lord Chelmsford

(D) George Money

64) In August 1932, which British PM announced the famous Communal Award granting separate electorates to depressed classes in India?

(A) Neville Chamberlain 

(B) Ramsay Macdonald

(C) Stanely Baldwin

(D) Clement Attlee

65) Who was the PM of Great Britain at the time of Independence of India and Paksitan?

(A) Clement Attlee 

(B) Winston Churchill

(C) Neville Chamberlain

(D) Sir Anthon Eden

66) Who wrote the National Anthem of India?

(A) Rabindranath Tagore 

(B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(C) Chandar Chatopadhyay

(D) M. K Gandhi

67) QA Muhammad Ali Jannah started his legal practice in ______ and became the first Muslim barrister in the city.

(A) London

(B) Delhi

(C) Bombay

(D) Karachi

68) QA daughter, Dina, married to Neville Wadia. Who was he by his way of religion:

(A) Parsi 

(B) Christian

(C) Hindu

(D) Atheist

69) What was the title of Allama Iqbal’s Ph.D thesis?

(A) Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam 

(B) Development of Metaphysics in Persia

(C) Concept of Social Justice in Islam

(D) Influence of Rumi on Sufi poetry in India

70) Who played the pivotal role in the formation of APWA(All Pakistan Women’s Association)?

(A) Begum Raana Liaqat Ali 

(B) Begum Shaista Ikramullah

(C) Begum Jahanara

(D) Begum Salma Tassaduq

71) The Indian Independence Act 1947, was mainly, based on the recommendations made by:

(A) Cabinet Mission 

(B) Cripps Mission

(C) Wavel Plan

(D) Mountbatten Plan

72) After the assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan, the then Governor General(GG) of Pakistan took over the Prime Minister. Who was then appointed the GG ?

(A) Ali Bogra 

(B) Ghulam Ahmad

(C) Ghulam Muhammad

(D) Iskandar Mirza

73) Name the incidence which took place in 1971, which provided an excuse to India to ban all Pakistani flights over Indian territory?

(A) Attack on Indian Parliament 

(B) Violation of Ceasefire line

(C) Hijacking of Indian Aircraft

(D) Killing of guards at Wagha gate

74) After removal of PM Nawaz Sharif in 1999, Musharaf took the office as:

(A) President 

(B) Governor General

(C) Prime Minsiter

(D) Chief Executive

75) In the Battle of Uhad Hinda mutilated the body of Hazrat Hamza and chewed his liver. Hinda was the wife of:

(A) Abu Jahl 

(B) Abu Sufyan

(C) Abdullah Ibn Jasha

(D) Wahshi Ibn Harb

76) During the battle of Uhad, when Archers left the designated place, who took advantage and attacked the Muslims from behind?

(A) Khalid ibn Waleed 

(B) Ikramah ibn Abu Jahal

(C) Wahshi ibn Harb

(D) Haris ibn Harb

77) Name the youngest daughter of the Holly Prophet?

(A) Hazrat Ume Kalsoom

(B) Hazrat Zainab (RA)

(C) Hazrat Ruqqaya (RA)

(D) Hazrat Fatima (RA)

78) What is the meaning of “Baqarah”?

(A) Mountain 

(B) Goat

(C) Cow 

(D) Cave

79) What was the name of the camel on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was riding while migrating to Madina?

(A)  Duldul

(B) Anza

(C) Qaswa

(D) Zulifqar

80) At which place the Holly Prophet became the Imam of All the prophets during Miraj?

(A) Masjid Al-Aqsa 

(B) Masjid-e-Nabwi

(C) Masjid-e-Haram

(D) Masjid-e-Qiblatain

81) Umrah can be performed at any time throughout the year except 9th to: 

(A) 10th Zilhaj 

(B) 11 Zilhaj

(C) 10th Ramazan

(D) 12 Ramazan

82) In which Surah of the Holy Quran essentials of the “Wuzu” given?

(A) Al-Baqarah 

(B) Al-Madina

(C) Al-Noor

(D) Al-Nisa

83) Who signed the Treaty of Hudabiya on behalf of the Quraish?

(A) Abu Sufyan 

(B) Sohail ibn Amar

(C) Taofik bin Amor

(D) Khalid bin Waleed

84) Who was the first among the Muslims to conquer Northern Africa. He also established the city Kariwoan (Tunisia) 

(A) Muhammad bin Qasim 

(B) Khalid bin Walid

(C) Tariq bin Ziyad

(D) Uqbah bin Nafi

85) How many Marlas are there in One acre?

(A) 180 

(B) 160

(C) 140

(D) 150

86) How many furlongs make One mile?

(A) 6 

(B) 7

(C) 8

(D) 9

87) On Sep 2015 the UN Sustaianable Development Summit adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which include Goals (SDGs). How many goals have been set in SDGs?

(A) 15

(B) 17

(C) 19

(D) 12

88) The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted in 2000. How many goals were there in MDGs?

(A) 8 

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) 12

89) Who man the man behind the establishment of Human Development Index (HDI) which is very important to measure the well being of any country.

(A) Amartya Sen 

(B) Mahbub ul Haq

(C) Kofi Annan

(D) Dr Slaeem Muhammad

90) Gross National Happiness (GNH), as an indicator to measure the overall well being of any country, was proposed by?

(A) Sirilianka 

(B) Norway

(C) Singapore

(D) Bhutan

91) What is the main cause of Vulture population decline in Pakistan?

(A) Excessive use of pesticides 

(B) Expanding Urban Centers

(C) Use of Diclofenac in Livestock

(D) Excessive poaching

92) Attabad Lake in Gilgit Baltistan which was made by landslide, It blocked river  _______ for almost months.

(A) Kurram 

(B) Indus

(C) Hunza 

(D) Gulmit

93) Who was Pakistan’s first Civilian CMLA(Chief Martial Law Administrator)?

(A) Iskandar Mirza 

(B) Ghulam Muhammad

(C) Ayub Khan

(D) ZA Bhutto

94)  The affairs of cooperative societies in Pakistan are regulated under Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 and Cooperative Societies Rules of:

(A) 1926 

(B) 1927

(C) 1928

(D) 1929

95) Who is the Minister of Cooperatives in the Government of Punjab?

(A) Malik Iqbal Channar 

(B) Malik Tanveer Aslam

(C) Raja ishfaq Sarwar

(D) Malik Nadeem Kamran

96) Who was the first post independence CM of punjab?

(A) Mumtaz Doltana 

(B) Feroz Khan Noon

(C) Iftkhar Hussain Mamdoot

(D) Sadiq Hussian

97) Who succeeded the  Sir Francis Mudie as the second Governor of Punjab in independent Pakistan?

(A) I I chandrigar

(B) Abdur Rab Nishtar

(C) Mian Amin ud Din

(D) Mushtaq Anmea Gurmani

98) M.M Alam was an ace fighter pilot of PAF. He was awarded with _____ in 1965 war:

(A) Hilal-e-Jurat 

(B) Nishan-e-Haider

(C) Sitara-e-Jurat

(D) Tamgha-e-Shujaat

99) Who is the current Chief of Air staff? (Now)

(A) Zaheer Ahmad Babar 

(B) Tahir Rafique But

(C) Sohail Aman

(D) Kaleem Saadat

100) Faiz ahmad Faiz won which famous international award in 1962?

(A)  Noble Prize for Literature

(B) Lenin Peace Prize

(C) Commonwealth Literature Award 

(D) Booker Prize Literature

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