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Assistant Director (BS-17)|| Local Government & Community Development Department 2020

1) The arrangement of jobs on the basis of their duties, responsibilities, and skills is prepared in:

(A) Position Classification 

(B) Job description

(C) Equal employment

(D) None of these

2) Rioting is defined under section _____ PPC

(A) 142 

(B) 147

(C) 146

(D) None of these

3) A police officer shall detain in custody a person arrested without warrant for a period which does

(A) 12 hours 

(B) 24 hours

(C) 48 hours

(D) None of these

4) High Court may transfer case or try Itself under section _____ CrPC.

(A) 529 

(B) 530

(C) 526

(D) None of these

5) The word coin is defined under section _____ PPC.

(A) 229 

(B) 230

(C) 233

(D) None of these

6) Giving false evidence is an offence punishable under section:

(A) 189 PPC 

(B) 191 PPC

(C) 190 PPC

(D) None of these

7) According to section _____ CrPC, a Police officer may arrest without warrant

(A) 54 

(B) 59

(C) 53

(D) None of these

8) Suits to be instituted where subject matter situates deals under section _____ CPC

(A) 17 

(B) 15

(C) 16

(D) None of these

9)  According to section 359 PPC, Kidnapping is of _____ types

(A) Four

(B) Five

(C) Two

(D) None of these

10) Reference to high court is made under section _____ CPC

(A) 114 

(B) 116

(C) 113

(D) None of these

11) Section _____ CrPC deals with arrest by or in presence of Magistrate

(A) 61 

(B) 60

(C) 64

(D) None of these

12) According to Freud, which of the following is the “Royal road to unconscious”

(A) Free association 

(B) Analysis of dream

(C) Analysis of transference

(D) None of these

13) According to Rogers, the core conditions that are an integral part of the therapeutic relationship are

(A) Congruence  


(C) Empathy

(D) None of these

14) A personality character that is associated with a lower rate of stress-related illness:

(A) Type A 

(B) Type B

(C) Type D

(D) None of these

15) A student who faces the stress of failing several course might spend long hours studying seeking stress. Which stage of stressor it is:

(A) Alarm & mobilization 

(B) Exhaustion

(C) Resistance 

(D) None of these

16) Taking talk about suicide as warning can help in prevention because:

(A) They’ve shared intentions to others 

(B) It can be altered

(C) It is data for study

(D) None of these

17) The perspective draws on the ways in which human mental abilities serve adaptive purpose.

(A) Cognitive 

(B) Evolutionary

(C) Humanistic

(D) None of these

18) Karishna Kumari has become the first Hindu Dalit woman senator in Pakistan. She represents

(A) PPP 




19)  Danish war was fought in:

(A) 1870 

(B) 1864

(C) 1872

(D) 1875

20) The largest planet of our solar system is:

(A) Earth 

(B) Jupitar

(C) Mars

(D) Saturn

21) Which of the following vitamins maintains normal clotting of blood?

(A) Vitamin A 

(B) Vitamin C

(C) Vitamin D

(D) Vitamin K

22) The unchanged particle in an atom is called:

(A) Proton 

(B) Neutron

(C) Electron

(D) Gamma

23) Name the author who created the fictional character of a great detective called Sherlock Holmes

(A) R L Stevenson 

(B) Arthur Conan Doyle

(C) Ian Flemming 

(D) None of these

24) Which of the following is not the part of the United Arab Emitates?

(A) Abu Dhabi 

(B) Qatar

(C) Dubai

(D) Sharjah

25) The hottest planet of Solar System is:

(A) Venus 

(B) Jupitar

(C) Mars

(D) None of these

26) Pearl Harbor US Naval Base, was bombed by _____, thus provoking formal entry of the US in the Second World War

(A) Korea 

(B) Belgium

(C) China

(D) Japan

27) What is second pillar of Islam?

(A) Salat 

(B) Saom

(C) Hajj

(D) Zakat

28) Which is the name of the boat of Hazrat Nooh (AS)?

(A) Juz 

(B) Asm

(C) Ark 

(D) None of these

29) Which is the name of the Hazrat Usman’s mother?

(A) Arwa 

(B) Fatima

(C) Salma

(D) Hantamah

30) Khatib ul Anbiya is the title of:

(A) Hazrat Ibrahim 

(B) Hazrat Yaqoob

(C) Hazrat Shoaib

(D) Hazrat Idrees

31) Pristine Antonym is:

(A) Pure 

(B) Impure

(C) Fresh

(D) Flawless

32) What is the meaning of the idom/proverb “To spill the beans”

(A) To reveal secret inforrmtion 

(B) To make peace

(C) End a quarrel

(D) None of these

33) She inquired _____ my heath

(A) after 

(B) for

(C) about

(D) in

34) In coming messages are stored in _____ folder:

(A) Drafts 

(B) Trash

(C) Outbox

(D) Inbox

35) The largest planet of our solar system is:

(A) Jupitar 

(B) Mercury

(C) Mars

(D) Venus

36) _____ is a technique that is used to send more than one call over  a single line?

(A) Digitizing 

(B) Duplexing

(C) Multiplexing

(D) Streaming

37) The keys used to lock the keyboard?

(A) Ctrl + Tab 

(B) Ctrl + Alt

(C) Windows logo + L

(D) Windows + ?

38) What is full form of LED?

(A) Low Emitting Diode 

(B) Light Emitting Diode

(C) Light Emitting Data

(D) Light Encounter Diode

39) What the phrase “Good Offices” signifies?

(A) A Well Managed Office 

(B) Beneficiary Acts for others

(C) Company with good repute

(D) None of these

40) Fear of and prejudice against homesexuality is:

(A) Homophobia 

(B) Ethnographobia

(C) Incest taboo Phobia

(D) Control phobia

41) Which enables us to send the same letter to different persons?

(A) Macros 

(B) Templates

(C) Mail Merge 

(D) None of these

42) What is the Binomial state?

(A) Formation of two states 

(B) Two nations co-existing in one state

(C) Confidante state

(D) Dependent state

43) When no tariffs are imposed on all imports and exports, it is called:

(A) Preferential Trade 

(B) Free Trade

(C) Balance of Trade

(D) Non-Tariff Barriers

44) Who tore away the letter of the Holy Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH)?

(A) Khusro Pervaiz 

(B) Al-Muqawqas

(C) Najashi

(D) None of these

45) Which of the following is a famous city of Iraq?

(A) Istanbul 

(B) Izmir

(C) Mashhad

(D) Baghdad

46) Crop grown for sale is called:

(A) Business Crop 

(B) Cash Crop

(C) Money Crop

(D) kharif Crop

47) British fought Opium War with:

(A) Japan 

(B) China

(C) Russia

(D) America

48) The smallest unit of ownership of a company is:

(A) A share 

(B) A debenture

(C) Invest Money

(D) Capital Deposit

49) What is Anarchism?

(A) Lawlessness Government 

(B) Government with no control

(C) Country busy in fighting

(D) Government facing agitation

50) If GNP of Pakistan is rises It will encourage: 

(A) Exports

(B) Imports


(C) Both A & B

(D) Loss of deficit

51) “Downsizing” is:

(A) To make is a smaller size 

(B) To make in actual size

(C) To make is Half size

(D) None of these

52) Which of the following mountains in in North America which is known as “Denali peak”?

(A) McKinley 

(B) Sanford

(C) Mount Logan

(D) Fair-Weather

53) The Partial equalization of weather & Income is:

(A) Social Equalization  

(B) Social wealth

(C) Social Justice

(D) Social power sharing

54) It is high time to do something. Choose the correct meaning of this sentence:

(A) Already late 

(B) Appropriate time

(C) Desired time

(D) Time is over

55) A social system in which there is little or no possibility of individual mobility:

(A) Class System 

(B) Closed System

(C) Cohabitation

(D) Control Group

56) The way in which people respond to one another is called:

(A) Social change 

(B) Social mobility

(C) Status group

(D) Social Interaction

57) Iron deficiency in human body causes:

(A) Bone Deformity 

(B) Irregular heart-beats

(C) Anaemia

(D) Tooth Decay

58) Vienna city is located on the bank of the river

(A) Danube 

(B) Seine

(C) Reine

(D) Elbe

59) Ghazwa-e-Tabook was fought between Muslims and ____?

(A) Jews 

(B) Romans

(C) Quraysh

(D) Egyptians

60) Minar-e-Pakistan is located in which Park?

(A) Greater Lahore Park 

(B) Greater Iqbal Park

(C) Minto Park of Lahore

(D) Jinnah Garden

61) Iran launched Monkey into space in:

(A) 2011 

(B) 2013

(C) 2015

(D) 2017

62) Term the theory of International relations stressing the rule of law?

(A) Regulative Law 

(B) Totalitarianism

(C) Liberalism

(D) None of these

63) How many Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) was signed by Pakistan and China for CPEC?

(A) 41 

(B) 51

(C) 61

(D) 71

64) Originally the CPEC was an economic corridor worth _____ billion dollars, which later was increased to 62 billion dollars

(A) 46 

(B) 56

(C) 44

(D) 42

65) Who are called the Reds because the color of their flag is red?

(A) Communists 

(B) Chinese

(C) Britain

(D) Russians

66) What is called the person who has allegedly committed the offence?

(A) Offender 

(B) Guilty

(C) Accused

(D) Criminal

67) What does means by “Fiat”?

(A) A decree

(B) A command

(C) Both of them

(D) None of these

68) What is called that person on whom a  petition or originating application is served?

(A) Defendant 

(B) Plaintiff

(C) Accused

(D) Respondant

69) In a Civil case, what is called the Defendant’s written response to the plaintiff’s complaints?

(A) Affidavit 

(B) Respond

(C) Witness

(D) Answer

70) What is “Litigation”?

(A) Start of Legal Process 

(B) End of Legal Process

(C) Legal Proceedings

(D) Legal Hinderances

71)  The highest or supreme political authority is known as?

(A) High Authority 

(B) Supreme Authority

(C) Sovereign Authority

(D) None of these

72) A social position attained by a person largely through his or her own efforts is known as?

(A) Ascribed status 

(B) Achieved status

(C) Control status

(D) Master status

73) Which of the following countries has largest gas reserves?

(A) Russia 

(B) Qatar

(C) Iran

(D) China

74) “Higher than hope” is an autobiography written on ____ by Fatima Meer

(A) Dr King 

(B) Nelson Mandela

(C) Malcom X

(D) Muhammad Ali

75) WHO recommended Visa restrictions on Nigeria. Afghanistan and _____?

(A) India 

(B) Pakistan

(C) Iran 

(D) Somalia

76) What is term used for judgement or decision of a court or tribunal?

(A) Order 

(B) Adjudication

(C) Settlement

(D) Short of Order

77) Term the temporary suspension of the hearing of the case by order of the court?

(A) Adjourned

(B) Sine side

(C) Both A & B

(D) None of these

78) Iran and Pakistan staged naval drills in strait of:

(A) Dover 

(B) Gibralter

(C) Hormuz

(D) Malacca

79) COP 23, A climate change conference, was held in Bonn and was presided by:

(A) Fiji 

(B) Marshall Islands

(C) Indonesia

(D) Palau

80) Earth hour is observed on:

(A) 24 March 

(B) 24 May

(C) 24 June

(D) 24 September

81) In MS Word 2016 ‘Watermark’ option is available in:

(A) Design 

(B) Layout

(C) Insert

(D) View

82) If a right circular cone shaped building has radius 8m and slant height 17m, then what is its volume?

(A) 256 πm3 

(B) 320 πm3

(C) 384 πm3

(D) 350 πm3

83) Village X has a population of 68000, which is decreasing at the rate of 1200 per year. Village Y has a population which is increasing at the rate of 800 per year. In how many years will the population of the two villages be equal?

(A) 12 

(B) 13

(C) 14

(D) 15

84) Which number can replace both the questions marks in 2/? = ?/50

(A) 5 

(B) 10

(C) 25

(D) 100

85) The 4% of a number is 120, the number is?

(A) 2000 

(B) 3000

(C) 5000

(D) 4000

86) Dr. Ruth Pfau a German doctor, renowned in Pakistan for trating leprosy and T.B died on:

(A) 10th Aug, 2016 

(B) 10th Aug, 2017

(C) 10th Aug, 2018

(D) 10th Aug, 2015

87) Queen Elizabeth I was an Influential Queen of: 


(B) UK

(C) Spain

(D) France

88) The headquarters of Arab Monetary Fund is located in:

(A) Abu Dhabi 

(B) Cairo

(C) Doha

(D) jeddah

89) Waterloo, where Napoleon was finally defeated, is situated in:

(A) France 

(B) Germany

(C) Holland

(D) Germany

90) The narrow strip in Afghanistan that separates Pakistan with Tajikistan is called?

(A) Wakhan Corridor 

(B) Durand Line

(C) Makhmud Border

(D) Khunjerab

91) Lake Tana is present in:

(A) Algeria 

(B) Uganda

(C) Ethiopia

(D) Somalia

92) Which of the following river does not form delta before falling into sea?

(A) Amazon River 

(B) Ok Tedi River

(C) Columbia River

(D) All of these

93) Sir Syed Ahmad khan was buried in:

(A) Aligarh UP India 

(B) Delhi India

(C) Karachi Pakistan

(D) London UK

94) Mohanlal karmchand Gandhi renounced his formal memberships of the congress in:

(A) 1934 

(B) 1940

(C) 1946

(D) 1947

95) Holy Quran was translated into Persian by:

(A) Syed Ahmad 

(B) Shah Wailullah

(C) Shah Abdur Rahim

(D) Shah Ismail

96) The mosque of ‘Dai Anga’ is located in:

(A) Rawalpindi 

(B) Multan

(C) Lahore

(D) Kasur

ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں

ابھی عشق کے امتحاں اور بھی ہیں -اس شعر میں قافیہ کیا ہے؟

(A) جہاں امتحان

(B) اور بھی ہیں

(C) ستاروں

(D) شعر میں قافیہ نہیں ہے

 “چراغ پا ہونا” محاورہ ہے۔ اس کا مفہوم کیا ہے؟

(A) غصے کی کیفیت 

(B) روشنی بکھیرنا

(C) خوشیاں بانٹنا

(D)  تذبذب کی حالت

ہندی صنف نظم “دوہا” مشتمل ہوتا ہے۔

(A) فقط ایک شعر پر 

(B) دو شعروں پر

(C) چار شعروں پر

(D) طوالت کی پابندی نہیں

رسالہ مخزن کا اجرا کب ہوا؟

(A) 1900 

(B) 1901

(C) 1902 

(D) 1903

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