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Assistant Director (BS-17) || Local Government & Community Development 2019

1) SHO stands for:

(A) Station Head Officer 

(B) Station House Officer

(C) Station High Officer

(D) None of these

2) Current year is which year of the Hijri Calender?

(A) 1438 

(B) 1439

(C) 1440

(D) 1442

3) What is the name of the software program that transforms high-level source code written in a high level programming language into a low level object code in machine language?

(A) Compiler 

(B) Commander

(C) Python

(D) Simulator

4) The Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP-I) was built with the help of?

(A) China 

(B) Canada

(C) Japan

(D) UK

5) Frightened means:

(A) Worried 

(B) Afraid

(C) Joyful

(D) Confused

6) Sulphur is mainly found at?

(A) Koh-e-Sultan (Chaghi)

(B) Kala-Chitta Range (Attack)

(C) Warchha

(D) Hazro (Attock)

7) If the wages of 6 men for 15 days are Rs. 2100, then find the wages of 9 men for 12 days:

(A) 2400 

(B) 2520

(C) 2600 

(D) 2750

8) Majlis-e-Shoora is a body made up of:

(A) National Assembly & Senate 

(B) Senate only

(C) National Assembly only

(D) NA, Senate & President

9)  The first secretary of the Board of Trustees of Aligarh College was:

(A) Chaudhary Rahmat Ali

(B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

(C) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

(D) Maulana Muhammad Ali Shokat

10) Who is considered as the father of the psychoanalysis?

(A) T B Watson 

(B) Albert Hills

(C) Adler

(D) Sigmund Freud

11) Delhi Darbar, King and Queen of the British visit India; Partition of Bangal is annulled:

(A) 1913 

(B) 1914

(C) 1911

(D) 1916

12) Mother of Hazrat Yousaf AS was:

(A) Rebecca 

(B) Rachel

(C) Alishba

(D) Amina

13) Hirohito was the longest reigning monarch in:

(A) China  

(B) Thainland

(C) Japan

(D) Burma

14) Name the current Inspector General, Prisons of Punjab?

(A) Inam Ghani 

(B) Farooq Nazi

(C) Nadeem Waraich

(D) Shahid Saleem

15) Complete the sentence: It started to rain while we _____ tennis.

(A) are playing 

(B) were playing

(C) had played

(D) would play

16) “I am a Nabi not a liar, I am the son of Abdul Mutlib” When did the Holy Prophet PBUH utter these words?

(A) At Ghazwa-e-Hunain 

(B) At Ghazwa-e-Khandaq

(C) At Ghazwa-e-Mautah

(D) At Ghazwa-e-Sawiq

17) You want to track the progress of the stock market on the daily basis. Which type of chart should you use?

(A) Pie Chart 

(B) Row Chart

(C) Line Chart

(D) Column Chart

18) Ho Chi Minh is the new name of the city:

(A) Petrograde 

(B) Saigon

(C) Laos

(D) None of these

19)  Complete the Proverb: “The price of _____ is eternal vigilance. “

(A) Liberty 

(B) Education

(C) Learning

(D) Socialization

20) The bridge in Istanbul that connect Asia with Europe is called:

(A) The Golden Gate Bridge 

(B) The Harbor Bridge

(C) The Bosphorus Bridge

(D) Haji Sultan II Bridge

21) The longest mountain range (above the sea level) is:

(A) Himalayas 

(B) Kara Korum

(C) Rocky Mountains

(D) Andes

22) In which country does the district city Timbuktu lie?

(A) Morocco 

(B) Mauritania

(C) Mali

(D) Sudan

23) The darkening sky indicated to all of us  that a thunderstorm was _____

(A) Inherent 

(B) Futile

(C) Conciliatery 

(D) Imminent

24) Who ran desperately in  search of water between two hills called Safa and Marwah?

(A) Hazrat Quturah RA 

(B) Hazrat Sarah RA

(C) Hazrat Haajrah RA

(D) Hazrat Ayesha

25) Seismograpgh is used to record the intensity and source of:

(A) Thunderstorm 

(B) Heartbeat

(C) Pulse

(D) Earthquakes

26) When did the Quaid e Azam became the permanent member of the All India Muslim League?

(A) 1913 

(B) 1924

(C) 1931

(D) 1934

27) In MS Word 2007 which shortcut key is used to insert the comment:

(A) Alt + Ctrl + M 

(B) Alt + Ctrl + C

(C) Shift + Ctrl + C

(D) Alt + Ctrl + N

28) Taj Mahal in Agra is on the bank of which river?

(A) Ganga 

(B) Jamuna

(C) Padma 

(D) None of these

29) In Computing what does FDD stands for?

(A) Final Data Development 

(B) Floppy Disk Drive

(C) Foolproof Disk Drive

(D) Floppy Data Drive

30) Which High Court was the first to have a female Chief Justice?

(A) Sindh 

(B) Baluchistan

(C) Punjab


31) The GFFA is an international conference that focuses on central questions concerning the future of _____

(A) Financing 

(B) Agri Food Industry

(C) Trade

(D) Foreign Arbitration

32) The Horseman pulled the _____ of the horse:

(A) Ranes 

(B) Reigns

(C) Rains

(D) Reins

33) Fill in the blank: The cake was shared _____  amjad and shakeel.

(A) with 

(B) to

(C) between

(D) among

34) In which battle, British forces led by Duke of Wellington finally defeated French forces led by Napoleon _____

(A) Battle of Waterloo 

(B) Battle of Leipzig

(C) Battle of Borodino

(D) War of Roses

35) Fill in the blank: They will be back by _____ month.

(A) and end of the 

(B) the end of a

(C) the end of the

(D) end of the

36) “Bashar ul Asad” is the president of:

(A) Yemen 

(B) Jordan

(C) Syria

(D) Egypt

37) The concept of “acting in aid of civil power” by the armed forces has been laid down in the constitution _____

(A) Article 245 

(B) Article 270

(C) Article 243

(D) Article 200

38) The System of Basic Democracies in Pakistan was introduced by?

(A) Liaqat Ali Khan 

(B) Ayub Khan

(C) ZA BhuttO

(D) Gen. Zia ul Haq 

39) She was alive at the tragic incident of Karbala:

(A) Hazrat Ayesha RA 

(B) Hazrat Hafsa RA

(C) Hazrat Mamona RA

(D) Hazrat Umme Salma

40) Who used to be known as the Ambassador of the Hindu-Muslim Unity?

(A) Gandhi 

(B) Moti Lal Nahru

(C) Lord Mountbatten

(D) Quaid e Azam

41) Which Sahabi was the first Hafiz e Quran ?

(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr RA 

(B) Hazrat Umar RA

(C) Hazrat Usman RA 

(D) Hazrat Ali RA

42) Deficiency of the Iodine cause which of the following disease?

(A) Dental Cavities 

(B) Scurvy

(C) Hepatitis B

(D) Goiter

43) Which of the following is the primary component of the natural gas?

(A) Ethane 

(B) Propane

(C) Butane

(D) Methane

44) Which theory lays down down that all matter is made of discrete units called _____?

(A) Combustion Theory 

(B) Radioactive Theory

(C) Atomic Theory

(D) Metallic Theory

45) The word “Tsunami” belongs to which of the following language?

(A) English 

(B) Latin

(C) Chinese

(D) Japanese

46) omplete the series: 1, 9, 25, 49, ____, 121

(A) 100 

(B) 81

(C) 21

(D) 64

47) In which country did the catastrophic Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster take place _____?

(A) Ukraine 

(B) Kazakhstan

(C) Russia

(D) Lithuania

48) Organisms encode their genes in long structure of?

(A) Chromosome 



(D) Carbohydrates

49) Total members of the Commonwealth are?

(A) 50 

(B) 53

(C) 46

(D) 47

50) “Window Explorer” is also?

(A) Educational Software

(B) Utility Program


(C) Entertainment Program

(D) None of the above

51) Which country in South Asia has the highest literacy rate?

(A) Maldives 

(B) India

(C) Bangladesh

(D) Sri Lanka

52) How many bricks each measuring 25cm length, 11.25cm width and 6cm height will be needed to build a wall of 8m length, 6m width and 22.5m height?

(A) 5600 

(B) 6000

(C) 6400

(D) 7200

53) A train running at the speed of the 60km/h crosses a pole in 9 seconds. what is the length of the train?

(A) 120 meters  

(B) 180 meters

(C) 324 meters

(D) 150 meters

54) What does you understand by Status quo?

(A) With date 

(B) Present state

(C) In good condition

(D) None of these

55) ALU stand for?

(A) Arithmatic Logic Unit 

(B) Alternate Logic unit

(C) Arithmatic Logic Union

(D) Arithmatic Longitude Unit

56) First world cup of Hockey in 1971 was won by?

(A) India 

(B) Germany

(C) Pakistnan

(D) Balgium

57) The only National Elections held on non-party basis were in:

(A) 1977 

(B) 1985

(C) 1988

(D) 1990

58) What is the height of the Nanga Parbat peak?

(A) 8116 meters 

(B) 8126 meters

(C) 8186 meters

(D) 8101 meters

59) Which is the second highest mountain peak in Pakistan?

(A) Mt Everest 

(B) K-2

(C) Tirich Mir

(D) Nanga Parbat

60) Nandipur is in:

(A) Multan 

(B) Sahiwal

(C) Gujranwala

(D) Gujrat

61) Rohtas fort is located in district?

(A) Chakwal 

(B) Attock

(C) Jehlum

(D) Rawalpindi

62) Spin Boldak is in:

(A) Iran  

(B) Russia

(C) Afghanistan

(D) pakistan

63) KANNUP (Nuclear Power Plant) was provided to Pakistan by?

(A) Canada 

(B) China


(D) France

64) Vatican City where the Pope live is in:

(A) Italy 

(B) France

(C) Spain

(D) Germany

65) Gawadar become part of Pakistan in:

(A) 1956 

(B) 1957

(C) 1958

(D) 1959

66) Human heart comprises how many chambers?

(A) 2 

(B) 4

(C) 6

(D) 8

67) Which gas was commonly used in airships?

(A) Nitrogen

(B) Heleium

(C) Hydrogen

(D) Hydrogen Sulphide

68) Solar eclipses occurs when:

(A) Earth is in b/w Sun and Moon 

(B) Moon is at right angle to Earth

(C) Moon is in b/w Sun and Earth

(D) Sun is in b/w Moon and Earth

69) The lens in the human eye is:

(A) Convex lens 

(B) Concave lens

(C) Bi concave

(D) None of these

70) Blood cells are produced by _____ in the human body:

(A) Liver 

(B) Bone Marrow

(C) Heart

(D) Spleen

71) Which of the following is considered as the largest archipelago of the world?

(A) Philippines 

(B) Indonesia

(C) Virgin Islands

(D) None of these

72) The arch of Jesus is located in:

(A) Germany 

(B) Italy

(C) Spain

(D) France

73) In which river of Pakistan are the endangered species Blind Dolphins found?

(A) River Indus 

(B) River Ravi

(C) River Jhelum

(D) River Kabul

74) Which of the following is the capital of Canada?

(A) Toronto 

(B) Ottawa

(C) Vancouver

(D) Regina

75) The Lady Finger Peak is located in:

(A) Nepal 

(B) China

(C) Pakistan

(D) India

76) Queen Elizabeth I was the influential Queen of:

(A) UK 


(C) France

(D) Australia

77) Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was the famous Activist: belongs to

(A) Spain 

(B) Greece

(C) Germany

(D) Turkey

78) Who at present hold the office of the Chief Executive in the Afghan Government?

(A) Abdullah Abdullah 

(B) Ashraf Ghani

(C) Gullbaddin

(D) None of these

79) 10 Downing Street is the official residence of:

(A) Queen of England 

(B) British Prime Minister

(C) French President

(D) American President

80) Th e Blue Mosque or the “Mosque of Sultan Adman” is located in:

(A) Tehran  

(B) Istanbul

(C) Jeddah

(D) Cairo

81) What is the capital of Kazakastan?

(A) Bishkek 

(B) Almaty

(C) Tashkent

(D) Astana

82) DSL stands for in IT?

(A) Digital System Line 

(B) Digital Super Line

(C) Digital Subscriber Line

(D) Digital Speed Line

83) Who is called the “Adam-e-Sani (A.S.)”?

(A) Hazrat Inrahim AS 

(B) Hazrat Shoaib AS

(C) Hazrat Nooh AS 

(D) Hazratr Moosa AS

84) Which Prophet is known as “Zun-Nun”?

(A) Hazrat Younas AS 

(B) Hazrat Yousaf AS

(C) Hazrat Moosa AS

(D) Hazrat Idrees AS

85) Name the camel on which the Holy Prophet was riding while migrating to Madina?

(A) Duldul 

(B) Anza

(C) Qaswa

(D) Zulifqar

86) During sleep, the man’s blood pressure:

(A) Decreases 

(B) Increases

(C) Fluctuates

(D) Not sure

87) Which Country had given Rs. 2.3 billion to Pakistan for weather installation in Multan?

(A) China

(B) Japan

(C) Korea 

(D) France

88) ‘Depreciation’ is:

(A) Politician’s failure 

(B) Investigation technique

(C) Media hype

(D) A reduction in value of assets

89) Arrangement of Data in logical sequence is known as:

(A) Sorting 

(B) Classifying

(C) Reproducing

(D) Summarizing

90) Which country introduced Nokia Mobile?

(A) America 

(B) Germany

(C) Japan

(D) Finland

ہر چند اردو میں سب سے کم سرمایہ چھوڑا پھر بھی کتنا اونچا مقام کمایا’ رشید احمد صدیقی کا یہ جملہ کس مزاح نگار کے بارے میں ہے؟

(A) شوکت تھانوی  

(B) پطرس بخاری

(C) مرزا فرحت اللہ بیگ

(D)  ابن انشا

 کے درست مطلب کا انتخاب کیجیے “safe and sound”

(A) بخیر و عافیت  

(B) اونچی آواز میں بات کرنا

(C) قیمتی چیز چھپا کر رکھنا 

(D) تندرست ہو جانا

علمی اردو لغت کے مصنف کا کیا نام ہے

(A) وارث سر ہندی 

(B)  سید احمد دہلوی

(C) مولوی نور الحسن نیر 

(D) مولوی عبدالحق

برہان کی جمع ہے

(A) برہانات 

(B) براہین

(C) برہانوں 

(D) برہانیات

شعر کے آخر میں تکرار لفظی کو کیا کہتے ہیں؟

(A) تلمیح 

(B) مجمع

(C) ردیف

(D) قافیہ

کچا چھٹا کھولنا’ محاورہ ہے۔ اس کا کیا معنی ہے؟

(A) بچپن کا حال سنانا  

(B) صحیح صحیح حال بیان کرنا

(C) چھٹی پڑھ کر سنانا 

(D) ماحاصل بیان کرنا

تھکن ، مہک، ہار ،جیت قواعد کی رو سے ہیں۔

(A) مصدر 

(B) حاصل مصدر

(C) اسم مکبر 

(D) اسم مصغر

اردو کے عظیم شاعر اکبر الہ آبادی کا اصل نام کیا تھا؟

(A) اکبر حسین رضوی 

(B) نبی بخش 

(C) محمد بخش

(D) ولی محمد

قاطع برہان کس کی نثری تصنیف ہے؟

(A) میر تقی میر 

(B) منشی پریم چند

(C) سر سید احمد خان 

(D) اسد اللہ خان غالب

دو جملوں کو ملانے والے الفاظ ( مثلاً، و ، اور ) وغیرہ کو کہا جاتا ہے۔

(A) حروف ربط  

(B) حروف عطف

(C) حروف نصب 

(D) حروف جار

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Written by Ali Chaudahry

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